In recent years, Instagram has become a major player in the social media industry. A user can follow any account they wish and the company will show them the most recent posts by that person or company. The number of followers someone has on an account is how many people are subscribed to this content. The higher the number of followers someone has, the more popular and successful they are perceived to be by others and thus it isn’t generally uncommon for companies to buy Instagram followers as a way to increase their credibility and customer trust. Home Page offers the best prices and highest quality views for Instagram.

Here are some of the impacts of Instagram followers on customer trust:

Customers trust companies with more followers

It’s no surprise that people are more likely to trust a company with many followers. The larger the number of people following a brand, the more popular and successful it is perceived to be and thus is usually held in higher regard by consumers.

Customers trust popular Instagram accounts more than less popular ones

If a company has a large number of followers, they must be doing something right with their content strategy and customers will be more inclined to follow them and trust them. This is not the case if they have low follower counts, as these people may just be following the account for the sole purpose of getting that fake-looking blue check mark on their own profile.

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Customers expect popular Instagram accounts to have better content than less popular ones

Since the number of followers an account has is a good indicator of its success, customers will expect better and more dynamic content to come from popular accounts. If a company with many followers is producing mediocre or subpar content, they will quickly lose that following on Instagram and thus be less successful in general.

Customers trust successful Instagram accounts more than unsuccessful ones

Similarly to the point above, customers will expect more from an account with a lot of followers than they will from one with very few. If a company only has 10 followers, it is unlikely that people will trust them as much as they would a brand with hundreds of thousands.

Customers trust high-follower Instagram accounts more than low-follower ones

For the same reasons as above, customers are more likely to trust an account with many followers over one with few or no followers. The higher number shows that many people have chosen to subscribe to these companies’ content and thus customers will be more likely to do the same.