Would you like to watch an exciting mystery film with a good storyline that keeps you interested until the end? The new Telugu movie Geetha would be a better choice. It is a good film that describes children’s violence and problems because of illegal social activities like the mafia (child and medical mafia). It is a must-watch film for everyone to understand some of the severe problems faced by different people, especially children in our society.

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The cast of the movie Geetha

The central cast members of this movie are Hebba Patel as the dumb orphan girl Geetha and Sunil as C I Saradhi. The other prominent cast members include Ram Karthik, Sai Kiran, Prudhvi Raj, and Saptagiri. Hebba Patel made one of the best performances in her career in this movie by playing the role of the dumb orphanage girl who tries to prevent the medical mafia. Sunil as CI Saradhi and Sai Kiran as the main villain has also done their roles perfectly.

The story of the movie Geetha

The whole theme of the story is regarding the medical mafia and child mafia. The story revolves around Geetha, a dumb orphan girl who lost her parents and voice in an accident. After becoming a grown-up, she and her friend Valli, who is also an orphan (deaf), plan on feeding and helping the orphan kids.

Later they learn about missing children, leading them to a group of child mafia. Upon investigation, they discover that these mafias are kidnapping children and taking their body organs. The story continues with Geetha and C I Saradhi trying to bring down the organ trade mafia and save the children.

Geetha movie highlights

Geetha is an exciting mystery film about the organ trade mafia. The primary highlight of this movie is that the central characters, Geetha and Valli, who care for the orphan children, are also orphans and disabled.

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