When you have diabetes, you must keep your blood sugar levels at the proper range, as your physician recommends. However, some things will cause your blood sugar levels to change. You better understand some factors that help you lower your blood sugar level and how you can even manage to reduce it.


Eating a healthy meal is the best way to control your blood sugar level. You can only do it when you know what daily meals you must consume. This differs from the food you eat to how much you eat and the type of food you like to combine in your snacks and meals.

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Insulin and other medicines help to lower your blood sugar levels when diet and exercise do not help. These medicines work depending on the timing and the dose size. Medications for conditions other than diabetes can also affect your blood sugar levels.

Be careful with new medicines

You should talk with your healthcare team or a pharmacist before you try new medicines. Sometimes, you may wonder whether can diabetics take benadryl anytime when they feel under the weather. That is why you must ask how the new medicine will affect your blood sugar levels and any other medicines you take. Others can be used to prevent your current medicine from mixing with a new one.

Working out

When you like to be active, it will help you control and manage your diabetes. During your work, your muscles use blood sugar to produce energy. When you are doing your regular activity, it helps your body to use insulin. However, your blood sugar level can improve when you only do light activities.

Monitor your sugar level

You can talk with your healthcare professional about your sugar testing needs. When you do not want to take insulin or other diabetes medicines, you won’t need to check your blood sugar before or during exercise. However, when you take insulin or other medication, it is necessary to monitor your sugar level. Many diabetes medicines can lower your blood sugar and last to a day. You must be aware of the symptoms of low blood sugar, as you may feel hungry, tired, shaky, or confused.

Can Diabetics Take Benadryl

Balance your meal

A healthy eating plan will include what you must eat and how much you like to eat. These are the ways to plan your meals as you will check the carbohydrate counting and the plate method to do it. You can ask your doctor or your registered dietitian whether the type of meal planning is the best for you.

Be prepared

You must have a small snack, glucose gel, or tablets during exercise. When it drops too low, you will need a faster way to increase your blood sugar. This is how you can show whether you take medicine like insulin.

When you have diabetes, you must be physically active and gain a healthy weight.  If you have difficulty keeping your blood sugar in a specific range, you can ask your doctor for help.