The Flat Stomach Answer – Why It Appeals To Girls

he Flat Stomach Answer, a weight-reduction plan plan created by Isabel De Los Rios, appeals to girls as a result of it’s easy, academic, and efficient. The ladies I talked with mentioned it’s the best to remain on as a result of it will get outcomes. Success breeds extra success.

For too lengthy, girls say their diets work properly for a number of weeks, however then they hit a plateau. Fats loss involves an abrupt halt and discouragement units in. Emotions of disappointment and being insufficient manifest themselves in senseless consuming. In one other month, the kilos and inches have returned japanese tonic to lose weight.

The Flat Stomach Answer, nonetheless, appears to be completely different. Listed here are the explanations given to me by the group of girls I talked with:


  • They DO NOT see the Flat Stomach Answer as a weight-reduction plan. Isabel’s easy ideas of consuming evolve into constructive way of life habits.
  • Girls be taught to eat consciously. They now know what goes into their mouth and the way it will have an effect on their our bodies.
  • Isabel is adamant about getting sugar meals and processed meals out of your present weight-reduction plan. They’re damaging to a girl’s well being and her spirit.
  • The muse for her program is consuming meals produced naturally (by Mom Nature), not these chemically and structurally altered by processing firms.
  • You’ll learn to uncover your private metabolic kind, and have the ability to select the precise meals that almost all profit your fats loss targets.Minuses Are Pluses In The Flat Stomach Answer Plan
  • There may be NO calorie counting.
  • There are NO sophisticated ratios (protein/carbs/fat) to calculate.
  • There are NO parts to weigh or measure.
  • There are NO costly dietary supplements to buy.


It’s readily obvious that the simplicity, sensibility, and effectiveness of the Flat Stomach Answer all contribute to its enchantment to girls. Phrase-of-mouth has made it an especially well-liked dietary plan to assist girls lose stomach fats and maintain it off endlessly.